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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Directions for Teabag folding

Teabag Folding Instructions using one of the designs in our Teabag Folding Set.

You will need to cut and fold 8 paper squares to make this rosette. Print your pages on thin, yet crisp paper. Cut out your little squares carefully and fold diagonal and in half in both directions. Fold sharp crisp lines.
teabag folding instructions
Using your fold lines, fold two of the 'across' folds back in towards the center of the unprinted inside.
Tea Bag Folding paper to print
What you will now have is a little triangle. Fold one of the outer tips of the side that you want to be the front of the rosette behind and up to the tip of the triangle.
printable teabag folding paper
So now you have a flat triangle with an additional fold on top where you tucked the top-side tips up and under.
I find it helpful to put a drop of glue on the unprinted inside of the big triangle to hold it flat.
free teabag folding instructions
You are going to take these
separate folded triangles and tuck them one at a time under
each other snuggly.
free tea bag folding diagram
As you tuck one after another, you will find that it forms a circle. Try to keep it tight towards the center. I used heavy paper here so
I was not able to get it as tight as
I'd have liked--live and learn !
teabag folding diagram
The rosette is almost finished. Insert the last triangle making sure to follow the direction of overlapping flaps. You will want to put a drop of glue under each flap to hold everything in place.
tea bag folding instructions
The finished teabag folded rosette. I chose to use the brighter side of the paper square
for the top, but you could doit in
reverse and have a more pastel look.
teabag folding instructions
Even the reverse side of
the rosette is pretty.
There are many more folds possible,
and this is just one possibility.

Teabag folding has unlimited uses
in scrapbooks & on greeting cards.
You can even use the finished pieces for
Christmas ornaments or package

directions courtesy of: Scrapbookscrapbook

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