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Monday, August 1, 2011

Great card idea site

I have to share this website with all the card makers following this blog.  I love how organized it is and full of inspiration for the cards you need or want to make.  Be sure to check it out!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paper Wishes® Weekly Webisodes, Scrapbooking Videos

Paper Wishes® Weekly Webisodes, Scrapbooking Videos

Just a neat little video I found while searching the internet for inspiration today! Hope you enjoy

Family album

Hi all!  Hope you had a great fourth of July!

I am in the process of constructing a family heritage album for a family reunion.  Here is a video I found that helped me get started.  Would love for you to share any sites or resources you have found helpful for similar projects-getting started is proving quite difficult for me so any help is much appreciated!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I LOVE paper bag albums-good videos about them too!


Video #2

How to scrapbook (quick one) for Disney

How to make a foldable scrapbook

Father's day card ideas

from the site: http://www.card-making-magic.com/fathersday.html

We all like to send cards to Mum but don't forget this Special Day for your Dad too.
Let him know how much you care in a beautiful card that you have made.
It is celebrated on various days around the world.
But whenever it is in your country it's never too soon to get busy making it.
This rather handsome chap is Jim and he is from Paper Printables and he is Free

This is Jim in another one of his leisure activities.
Who says men don't wear pink!!
Fishing, golf, DIY, football, darts, gardening, snooker and motor racing are some of the ideas that could be used on the cards.
To get lots more characters that are all free to you take a loook at this page byClicking here
It will show you more characters and give you some ideas of what you will get. All well worth a look.

I like to keep the colours muted and stay away from flowers, but buttons are a useful adorment on a male card.
But you know your dad the best and the things he likes, so don't be afraid to go to town with your ideas.
Send it with your love and add
"Handmade by....your name.."
on the back, to let him know you care, and maybe take him out to dinner as well for that added extra...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter basket project

Sharing my Easter basket project-hope you like it!

Made with DCWV paper, Cricut Calligraphy cartridge, and ek sucess border punch!  So much fun to make!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Blog!

I am a member of many message boards and this blog is a great resource for all the craft store coupons, videos, and so much more!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Digital Scrapbookers

Are you a digital scrapbooker?  Curious about digital scrapbooking?  Check out the site below for free downloads, ideas, tips, and much more!


Video #6 How to cover chipboard

One of the things I can't seem to master is covering chipboard!  This video was interesting to me and hope it helps you too!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video #5 Extending the life of your Cricut mats

Tired to buying the expensive mats for your Cricut machines?  Or if you are like me, I can never find the size I need when I go to the store.  Watch this video to get some great tips on getting the most out of your mats!

Learn to Scrapbook Class

Check out the link below for scrapbooking classes by email.  There are different levels from beginner to advanced and I highly recommend them.  Even better yet-they are free right now!!!


video #4 Spray Shimmer

One of my favorite sites is Scrapbook.com.  I just recently purchased some spray shimmerz and here is the video I used from this site to learn to use it!

Shimmer, Blingz, and Spritz

Directions for Teabag folding

Teabag Folding Instructions using one of the designs in our Teabag Folding Set.

You will need to cut and fold 8 paper squares to make this rosette. Print your pages on thin, yet crisp paper. Cut out your little squares carefully and fold diagonal and in half in both directions. Fold sharp crisp lines.
teabag folding instructions
Using your fold lines, fold two of the 'across' folds back in towards the center of the unprinted inside.
Tea Bag Folding paper to print
What you will now have is a little triangle. Fold one of the outer tips of the side that you want to be the front of the rosette behind and up to the tip of the triangle.
printable teabag folding paper
So now you have a flat triangle with an additional fold on top where you tucked the top-side tips up and under.
I find it helpful to put a drop of glue on the unprinted inside of the big triangle to hold it flat.
free teabag folding instructions
You are going to take these
separate folded triangles and tuck them one at a time under
each other snuggly.
free tea bag folding diagram
As you tuck one after another, you will find that it forms a circle. Try to keep it tight towards the center. I used heavy paper here so
I was not able to get it as tight as
I'd have liked--live and learn !
teabag folding diagram
The rosette is almost finished. Insert the last triangle making sure to follow the direction of overlapping flaps. You will want to put a drop of glue under each flap to hold everything in place.
tea bag folding instructions
The finished teabag folded rosette. I chose to use the brighter side of the paper square
for the top, but you could doit in
reverse and have a more pastel look.
teabag folding instructions
Even the reverse side of
the rosette is pretty.
There are many more folds possible,
and this is just one possibility.

Teabag folding has unlimited uses
in scrapbooks & on greeting cards.
You can even use the finished pieces for
Christmas ornaments or package

directions courtesy of: Scrapbookscrapbook

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Directions for paper bag albums

I love to look at the paper bag albums people create on ebay.  Ever wondered how to make the basic book?  Here is the link:

Paper bag album directions

Scroll down the page about half way for the step-by-step directions with pictures!

Video #3-Scrapbooking with Stampin' up

I have about 200 stamps but I use them exclusively for cardmaking-I liked this video because it gave me ideas to break out of my routine and use stamps on my scrapbooking pages.  This video can be found on Youtube-I did not make any of the videos on this blog I just find them very helpful!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Supplies

I was just reading about the best of the CHA show in January to see what new products are available at

Got me to thinking-what is your favorite supply??  I need some new items!!

A few of my favorite scrapbooking websites

Here is a list of some of my favorite scrapbooking websites for shopping, inspiration, and ideas. 

Let me know your favorite sites too!!!

Helpful Video #2

Monday, March 7, 2011

Helpful video #1


I am going to give blogging a try!  Thank you for visiting and I hope you will participate in making this a great blog.  My intentions are to help make you a better scrapbooker and to inspire you to preserve your family memories for generations to come.  I am going to include links, videos, and info that have made me a better scrapbooker.  Please join me and tell me what you have learned!